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Drive enduring customer relationships by connecting work, data and experiences across the enterprise. Semantrum Platform leverages the latest in AI and analytics to power the future of work and enable you to unlock the value hidden in your text data.

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Inspire confident purchases with Ratings & Reviews, Q&As, Visual & Social Content, and more.

Actionable Insights

Get easy-to-digest insights that can help you improve your products, upgrade your marketing, and reduce those pesky return rates.

Media Monitoring

AI-definition of the sentiment of mentions, identification of brands, persons and geographical objects.

Reputational Analytics

Build detailed reputation analytics based on AMEC principles or your own metrics and KPIs.

Build Loyalty

Turn real-life super fans into your strongest advocates. They win. You win. Win-win.

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Exclusive Experience


7-years expertise in named entities recognition (NER), opinion mining, knowledge extraction.


Experience in fine-grained semantic sentiment analysis.


Own State-of-the-Art NLP, sentiment analysis, and speech-to-text recognition models.


Among long-standing clients are governmental structures, biggest banks, energetics, agriculture, pharmacological business and others state and biggest commercial organizations.

Data work

Existence of a working commercially successful system for semantic processing of large amounts of unstructured data.

Great Product Analytics
  • 95% – accuracy of our ML-model for recognizing NERs of different types (persons, brands, dates, amounts, geographic objects)
  • 90% – for determination the emotion of a message related to the selected NERs
  • 94% – accuracy of our ML-model, that converts speech to text (English and Cyrillic languages)

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